PolePitThe Kalamazoo Mud Run Course Design Team is hard at work creating a muddy, fun and challenging course.  

The 5k Mud Run course will include 15 to 20 obstacles using the attributes of the natural landscape.



Just to give you an idea, the course included the following obstacles: 

LITTLE DIPPER - splish! splash! ...this will be where you will first get wet.

VERTICAL PLAGUE - welcome to the big hill. Don't be ashamed to walk it, you won't be the only one.

TIRE TROUBLE - say hello to a bunch of tires to maneuver over.

THE BRIDGE - spectators cross the course here and participants will be crawling under it.

THE BIG NASTY - run through a swamp in knee deep water and mud.

PAUL BUNYAN'S REVENGE - crawl over a load of fallen timbers.

JERICHO - A wall to climb. Participants can help each other over.

LAST GASP - the long trench filled with water and mud.


Here is a video sharing some details about the course.