The Obstacles

We are proud of the obstacles that our course engineer has created. These will make you roll, dive, duck, swerve and jolt- but you'll feel like a true conqueror when all is said and done.

Kilimanjaro Climb

Don't be frightened by this Goliath landmark of an obstacle. Many have climbed themselves up and over to secure their dominance over this beast. 

Side effects may include: Intense rushes of adrenaline, feelings of power and resilience, and pride of personal accomplishments. 

Monkey Bar Swing

All your days of playing on the playground have prepared you well for this. 

If you're having trouble crossing, perhaps the pit of mud underneath your feet will be your motivation.


The Ditch

Ok, honestly, this is more like several obstacles. This conglomoration may make your head spin, but you're sure to feel pretty awesome after you've gotten through it.

Plenty of Mud Holes

The Kalamazoo Mud Run combines two great things: a beautiful trail and lots of mud. We think this makes perfect sense. 

During your experience, You'll spend a lot of time in the mud.

It's just natural.

A BIG thank you to all of our sponsors!

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